Workout Wednesday – March 7, 2018

In today’s workout, we are going to focus on strengthening the upper body! Since the majority of us sit for a large portion of the day, we tend to develop more forward and rounded posture. The muscles of the back then become stretched and weak. Today, we are going to fight against that by working on the muscles of the upper back with some lat pulldowns and seated cable rows.

If you are focusing more on building strength, go with 6 reps of each exercise. If you are looking more for muscular endurance or “toning,” you might choose to work more towards the 10 rep range for each exercise. Either way, you will want to choose a weight that is going to be challenging and effective once you start reaching the end of your reps. If you feel like you could have done 10 more reps, try going a little heavier.

Make sure you are smooth through each pull and each release in the exercises. Form is everything!

Rest adequately in between sets.

There is a little cardio burst at the end of sled pushes and push-ups. I usually push the sled from end of the gym back to the other.

When you are completely push-ups until failure, make sure “failure” is when you can no longer achieve perfect form with the push-ups. Until then, keep your body in a nice tight plank position through your push-ups. This one always gives me a feeling of accomplishment when I’m done!

Let me know how you liked this workout and I will see you back here for a whole new one next week!


Disclaimer: Any exercise comes with a risk of injury. Always consult with your physician or trusted healthcare professional before beginning a new exercise routine and modify as needed to keep yourself safe.

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