Workout Wednesday April 18, 2018

Workout Wednesday – April 18, 2018

I love core work and I love planks. There are so many different ways to modify and progress them, which makes them very accessible. This is a sequence I will throw into my yoga classes as part of the core sequence. I will usually progress exercises by lifting the top leg in side planks, and Read More

How to do a chaturanga push-up

Chaturanga Push-up Tutorial

Vinyasa-style yoga classes would not be complete without the mini-sequence of chaturanga push-up to upward facing dog to downward facing dog. It’s a sequence that happens frequently and quickly, and therefore teachers, myself included, do not always have time to break it down in its entirety. There are a lot of places within this sequence Read More

Inside My Back Pain Toolkit (1)

A Look Inside my Back Pain Toolkit

Any chronic pain sufferer knows the importance of having a toolkit of items and tricks they use when experiencing a flare-up. This allows you to be proactive rather than reactive in dealing with pain. I spent many years without a plan to tackle my back pain, even though I knew it was a recurring thing Read More