Optimizing health through the unity of mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga Instructor

CorePower Yoga (2011)

Certified Personal Trainer

National Academy of Sports Medicine (2013)

Corrective Exercise Specialist

National Academy of Sports Medicine (2014)


My career teaching yoga began in college where I taught yoga at Regis University's fitness center. Since then, I have worked with clients ranging from collegiate athletes and CrossFit athletes, to corporate wellness participants and private studio members. I currently teach at 24 Hour Fitness where I am able to work with members of all ages and abilities. Corrective exercise is a huge passion of mine. I worked in an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy office where I assisted physical therapists and patients through countless therapeutic exercise programs. I volunteered at Craig Hospital, where I collaborated with patients with spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. I have completed advanced education in human anatomy as it relates to yoga and corrective exercise. I believe exercise should be enjoyable and sustainable. In any personal training program, I focus on balancing strength, flexibility, and stability. Yoga and exercise are powerful tools that can be used to strengthen the mind and body, whether you are working through an injury or just want to improve your quality of life. I seek to empower those I work with to live the most vibrant and joyful lives they can!


I became interested in health and fitness after having two spinal fusion surgeries to correct kyphoscoliosis. An overextended schedule and stressful lifestyle in college led me to develop gastrointestinal and hormonal imbalances, which spurred my interest in functional medicine. By implementing a whole foods diet, a therapeutic movement practice, and stress management techniques, I have taken control of my chronic pain and inflammation. I am currently working on a Master's degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine through the University of Western States. My areas of interest in study include chronic pain and inflammatory disorders.


The name Triko Health comes from Trikonasana, or Triangle Pose, in yoga. I used yoga as a powerful therapeutic tool after my spinal fusions and wanted to pay tribute to the movement practice that sparked my interest in health and fitness. Just as there are three sides of a triangle, there are three aspects to health that must be considered: mind, body, and spirit. It is only when those three elements are in balance that we truly find optimal health and happiness.


Contact me with questions, to schedule a private yoga or personal training session, or to just say hello. I would love to connect!


Photo credits: Color Me Beautiful Photography and Kaitlyn C. Photography